Barack Hussein Obama  (Washington CD ... wait, make that DC)
April 30, 2009
congratulations, FCO, for letting our american citizens be able to print off carbon offsets for free so they can do their part in saving the earth from global warming. excuse me, i meant climate change. anyway, we should all work hard and strive to be Eco Earth Warriors for America!

Bill  (Brownsite, BS)
April 26, 2009
Not to interrupt your argument, but to suggest FCO is a scam because it wisely relies on google for traffic and revenue to support its existence and therefore does not have to impose a fee on its viewers is a bit of a stretch. I'm farting guilt-free and all I was required to do was view some non-intrusive advertisements. Again, THANK YOU FREE CARBON OFFSETS. You've been a godsend.

your a douche  
April 24, 2009
Response: Worst site ever? You don't get out much, I can tell. As for fco being a scam, I disagree. We offer a free product, a customizable carbon offset certificate. We ask for nothing in return. The real scam is paying for carbon offsets Ha your "free product" is a piece of paper that my 9 yo brother could design better, yeah you ask for nothing in return because you are getting money from google ads for everyone clicking on this site so yeah you are getting something from your users, i could understand if you bought some carbon credits to make your site somewhat close to being called credible but what your doing IS a scam.

Bill  (God's Country)
April 18, 2009
THANK YOU FREE CARBON OFFSETS! To say my life has been altered by your free service, is like saying that humans are just a slight outbreak of plague on this planet. For a guy with irritable bowel syndrome, you can imagine my relief now that I can pass gas freely, as before I needed to pinch my checks constantly. (Not to mention that guilt free toliet paper usage has been a true god-send)

Your a duche  
April 17, 2009
worst site ever its pretty sad your trying to make money off google ads by scamming people, jackasses...

[Response: Worst site ever? You don't get out much, I can tell. As for fco being a scam, I disagree. We offer a free product, a customizable carbon offset certificate. We ask for nothing in return. The real scam is paying for carbon offsets.]

David Esposito  (Yreka, Calif.)
March 13, 2009
If I am not happy with my free carbon offsets, can I get a refund? I am worried that I might still have some guilt after printing my certificate. I did the carbon footprint calculator, and it says that I use enough resources for 12 Earths. I hope it works out. I will print as many certificates as I need to in order to feel better about myself. Thanks FCO!

Sweet Angie  (Bakersfield, CA)
March 13, 2009
I'm so happy that I found you Freecarbonoffsets! I don't have to have any more guilt about putting 50 gallons of gas in the toy hauler, 37 gallons of gas in the crew cab, gas in all 5 dirt bikes, firewood, etc., just to go tear up the desert during Easter break with the family! I feel great! Happy riding!!

Adam Weishaupt  (Germany, 1776 AD)
February 24, 2009
Carbon emissions are great ... Except that plants need them to grow (and get barely enough right now) Except that HUMANS need it to stay alive (medically, it is best to add CO2 to O2, improving the odds of survival for respiratory distress) ... Except that the most polluting substances, which have proven detrimental effect on the soil, plant and human health, are SO2 and NOx ... ZERO HUMANS would need a Sulfur dioxyde permit, but oil-burning cars, ships, airplanes, rockets, and the whole military business definitely would ... We live in a world where CLEVERLY ENGINEERED deceptions are aplenty ... The only question that remain is wether you will die plowing under those deceptions or you will wake up and fight for your life, because that's what ultimately is at stake here !!! Have you heard of 1850's Malthus theories, which are scheduled for a heavy comeback on the 28th of February ( ?

T. Boone Pickens  (Arkansas (where else?))
February 16, 2009
You shouldn't make fun of carbon offsets. Wait till I get those wind farms going, then you'll see.

Me  (Here)
January 29, 2009
I love carbon! Do you? No wait....

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