Bill & Jean  (North America)
January 9, 2009
Gee, thanks, we feel much better already. We ordered "As Many As Needed" credits. No sense being greedy in asking for more than we need. Now we can be guilt free forever. PS - As Many As Needed did cover the cost of printing out our certificate, didn't it?

Abdallah Abdul Hussein Ahmed Qeeuzard Johnson  ( Gaza Strip)
January 7, 2009
Ahhhhhh! A bomb just felled 30 ft. away from me! at least all the smokes is make a positive out of all of this fun. i have 400 smoke bombs in pants pocket with me. it make biig explosion, Poof! i just throw one now!! why do the thing ask if i am the human?

Mr. Lib Earl  (California, man!)
January 7, 2009
*gasp* you guys are so mean, man! global warming is totally real, man! like, the polar bears are drowning and I can't go surfing anymore cause the oceans are gonna dry up, man! we have to do something about it, man! i'm totally gonna stop ranting now, man! surf's up, man!

Bo 'n Arrow  (Inside a deer's heart)
January 7, 2009
Nancy is an ididot!!!!!! She is the one that needs a life. she is sadly misinformed. what a sad mspeaker iof the house

Nancy Pelosi   (Washington D.C.)
January 7, 2009
You people need to get informed. Global Warming is a serious topic to worry about. I worry about each and every day. Some of those comments are very inhumane, disturbing, and mean. I hope you have learned a lesson. Sincerely,Nancy Pelosi

Kerry Oky  (Alienville,Mars)
January 7, 2009
Hydraulic hoses are rea;;y fun to burn. i burnt like 500 of them last night thick black smoke ws everywhere. my chairman said i needed a permit to burn but forget him. he is a spyer in the cornfields.

Al Frankenstein  (Minnesota)
January 6, 2009
how many offsets do i have to print off to offset my plan to completely annihilate the earth? hhmmmmmm, i imagine it must be an astronomical number, around 5,674,573,893,463,909 offsets. Well, whatever it takes!!

Wayne  (Wayne's World)
January 6, 2009
yeah, so you guys know how i do my show with garth? totally cool, except for that part about the pollution I'm causing from it. before some good man told me about that part, I was not aware of that. however...because of this awesome website, i can do all the shows i want! Excellent!! Wayne's World! Wayne's World!

iq'bal hassan mohammed butrah  (some palestinian country, I forgot which)
January 6, 2009
when i go to mosque the other day in my V12 engine car, i felt reaaal bad. it feel like breaking ramadan. yes, that bad! but thank to this website, i no feel bad no more!! i love it sooo much!! now i can burn stuff!! banzai!!

Prof. Puff Fat, Ph.D.  (Harvard University)
January 5, 2009
I just finished calculations on my patented Computer Weather Data Predictor program. The results were astounding to say the least! Okay, here are the results: The earth will warm up about .56 degrees Centigrade over the next 50 years. How frightening! However, because of Free Carbon Offsets, we can safely have a consensus that the earth will heat up by only .55 degrees Centigrade! What a heartwarmer! You people are saints!

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There is growing awareness of the beauty of country ... a sincere desire to keep some of it for all time. People are beginning to value highly the fact that a river runs unimpeded for a distance... They are beginning to obtain deep satisfaction from the fact that a herd of elk may be observed in back country, on ancestral ranges, where the Indians once hunted them. They are beginning to seek the healing relaxation that is possible in wild country. In short, they want it.
— Olaus J. Murie, naturalist, writer and co-founder of The Wilderness Society